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Nov 4, 2012 11:00pm PST
easy. >> reporter: sandy destroyed blocks of homes here on staton island. this is where the new york city marathon was supposed to start on sunday. runners still came, armed with backpacks full of supplies and ready to help people like frank dott stphaoeurbgs these marathoners not even neighbors, helping out staton islanders. look at what they are doing? great. >> reporter: he spent the day cleaning the dotti's home instead of running the race. >> people come out and cheer us on every year. the least we can do, help them out. >> volunteers have been coming here all weekend to help. bringing food and rolling in a tv so people can watch sunday night football. in new jersey, chefs are donating their time to cook up warm meals. >> part of the community. i grew up in the up to, loved town, that is what i am going to do. take care of anybody that i know and anybody that i can help. >> reporter: the one million people are coming to centers like these for food and warm stphaogt we walked here from yearsy city. no gas in my car. but, you know t is really nice here -- it is really nice here. >> the cleanup
Nov 25, 2012 11:00pm PST
denver, chicago and new york city. here is a look at the forecast. hitting the roads, plenty of sunshine. yosemite, high of about 53 degrees. and, now, checking your forecast here at home. the next seven-days will get interesting. monday and tuesday, we are staying dry. the temperatures for the most part in the saeubgts, the coast bay and inland. but, then, check out wednesday. we get the low pressure system heading our way. more showers sticking around on thursday. and then we have a second storm system coming our way on friday. and blasting well into next weekend. it looks like the north bay is going to be hit the hardest. we could see areas of localized flooding. so, get ready to a very wet end of november that is check of your seven-day forecast, back to you guys. >> all right, thank you. >>> moving up the ranks comes up at a cost. what lawmakers are sacrificing for a new title. >>> and i can lead to get twinkies. how this store held the going out of business sale. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, smaller. top officials from governor brown on down, and 80 membef the state assembly will be getting a
Nov 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
without light. the federal government brought in free fuel for parts of new york city saturday, but there was a 10-gallon limit. >> i need it for my generator, because i've been without power for four days. >> reporter: across the river, they are rationing gas in some areas. >> if everyone complies with the system, it will ease wait times and create a less stressful situation for everybody involved. >> reporter: more than a million people are still without power in new jersey. governor christie says it will be a long road to recovery and everyone needs to work together. that's already happening in stone harbor where people pitched in to start cleaning up an elementary school that was badly damaged. and another added challenge tonight, cold temperatures that feel like they're in the 30's, with cold advisories. the mayor of new york city, michael bloomberg, telling residents without power to please go to shelters because of the drop in temperatures. >> people are just waiting to get a break. thanks so much. >>> well, it is another sign of progress. steam rises from a manhattan street as the
Nov 24, 2012 11:00pm PST
across the country, checking some airports. plenty of sunshine in denver. and chicago, new york city going to be a little on the cool side, but seeing partly cloudy skies there. around northern california, if you're hitting the road tomorrow, gonna see some fog in the central valley, sacramento, fresno. plenty of sunshine out in yosemite, lake tahoe. here's a look at your forecast. over the next several days, sunday, monday, tuesday, going to be pretty much holding steady temperature-wise and once again staying dry. wednesday we will see at least moderate rain. we could see half an inch to two inches. thursday looks like we're going to get a brief dry break, probably our dryest day at the end of the workweek. friday and saturday we actually get an event more significant storm system that hits the bay area. so yes, the end of november looks likes it's going to be a pretty wet one for at least the last half of the workweek into next weekend. >> and stanford hosts ucla on friday, and it's going to rain? >> yes. looks like friday and saturday, we'll get a good amount of rain, a couple more inc
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4